Winter in Egypt

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Sunrise at Edfu

Sunrise at Edfu on the Nile


Sunset and the Moon

Sunset and the Moon over the desert


Full moon in the desert

Full Moon over the desert


Sunset over the Nile at Aswan

Sunset over the Nile at Aswan


Hatshepsuts Obolisk at Karnak

Brilliant Blue Skies at Karnak Temple


Clouds in Egypt

Ominously Cloudy Skies over the Nile



A Felucca sail catches the sunset



Hieroglyphics catch the sun

Happy New Year – CloudySky is back from holidays!

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Happy New Year 2007

Taken in Aswan, Egypt, December 2006


More lovely skies

•6 December, 2006 • 4 Comments

My favourite photographic subject…

Surf cloud

The Surf Cloud


Colourful Sky

Colourful Sky



Twilight over the Links


Sunrise to Sunset

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When the weather turns colder, the mornings and evenings darker, it’s time to enjoy bursts of colour from the sunrise and sunset…


Spectacular Sunrise in Purples and Pinks

Sunrise (and the rush hour begins)


Another sunrise,  with seagull

Sunrise with Seagull


Sunset over Barclay Church

Sunset over Barclay Church


Autumn in the country

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Autumn landscape near Silverburn



Autumnal Pentland View



Autumn on the outskirts of Dolphinton 

Autumn in the City

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Pictures from around the city this autumn…


The Observatory from across the golf course


Autumn Trees

 Autumn Trees


A Very Colourful Autumn Tree

A very colourful autumn tree


Changing seasons

The changing colours of the season


Warm, sunny October in Edinburgh

•15 October, 2006 • 2 Comments

Piper and Arthurs Seat

Piper and Arthur’s Seat





Berry season



View through the grass

View through the grass