Too many clouds?

Is it a case of be careful what you wish for? This year has been a cloudysky year. The result is far too many pictures for this small blog to cope with!

Anyway, here are two recent skies to restart the catalogue. Taken in Edinburgh over the festival.

Beautiful Day in Edinburgh

A beautiful day in the Meadows during the Festival


Red Sky at Night

Evening on the Meadows



~ by cath on 5 September, 2007.

One Response to “Too many clouds?”

  1. Hello Cath! How are you getting on? I’ve just checked your CloudySky site and seen there is one post for 2009 so far. Surely there must have been more good clouds than that in 2008? My “Brain Online” site (’s_Brain_Online.htm) was in a similar lapsed state for a while, but I’ve renewed work on it recently, and you may be interested to pay a visit. Anyway please keep in touch.

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