About CloudySky

Cloud iconCloudySky is a place to collect, display and organise some of my favourite digital photos. It's a scrapbook of design ideas and inspiration for my artwork, greetings cards and more. I'm also interested in photographing the weather, and in Scotland, there is plenty of that, so you may notice that cloudy skies are a bit of a theme…

3 Responses to “About CloudySky”

  1. Hi Cath – I’ve just come across the link to your personal pages while browsing the SEE staff pages. Nice photographs! Some time I’ll get round to putting more of my own ones online. I’m off to read more of your pages now…

    — Fergus.

  2. Thanks Fergus, I hope you enjoy my pictures and the recipes on cookalcious…


  3. Hi Cath. I was doing some research on Sky-Scapes for my website and saw your blg. It seems that you are interested in sky scenes. I thought that you and your readers might be interested in the successful business we have created from skyscape photography. I hope that you will take a look at our Sky-Scapes at http://www.supplyhero.com/Skyscapes.1623.1.htm

    Thanks for your time. I hope that you have a great holiday season across the pond.


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