More lovely skies

My favourite photographic subject…

Surf cloud

The Surf Cloud


Colourful Sky

Colourful Sky



Twilight over the Links


~ by cath on 6 December, 2006.

4 Responses to “More lovely skies”

  1. i think it is really cool that you are a fan of cool skies
    i am too
    i wish i knew how to add one to this comment

  2. here is one
    of my sky pictures
    and here is one i thin you would really like
    anyway hope you have many more days with great skies

  3. Thanks for your comments!

    Those are lovely pictures of the sky. I really liked them both! It’s funny, the second one also reminds me of the pastel skies we see up in Scotland (mainly in the summer!), like this one I caught last August:

    Enjoy gazing at the sky!

  4. hehe no problem
    yea that is a nice sky too..
    i am glad you liked mine too…
    they are both from denmark
    well i wish you mAny more pretty skies
    and i hope when you see them you have your camara with
    cause it is the worst thing ever (well almost, heh) to have no camara when you see a beautiful picture, but i am sure you know that feeling
    well i guess sometimes you just have to stop and look for a long time and just keep it in your memory

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